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When you upload your images to PhotoBTC you are showcasing your work to millions of buyers around the world, 24/7. Thanks to PhotoBTC’s reseller network, your creations are promoted by hundreds of partners, giving even more visibility to your portfolio (whether directly or through print-on-demand activities).

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be the exclusive author of every file you upload
  • Own or have authorization for all the rights to the elements represented in your files (e.g. products, people, property)
  • Your account must have been confirmed (by clicking the link included in the confirmation email)

Selling Conditions

PhotoBTC offers your creative works for sale under the following licenses:

Standard Licenses grant rights for up to 500,000 print runs with no expiry dates; images can be used for:

  • Websites, blogs, newsletters, and web banner illustrations
  • Press articles and magazine illustrations
  • Print advertising (magazines and urban displays), commercial documents or packaging
  • Slide shows and videos for broadcast and presentations
  • Decorating and design elements, including framed images for personal use.

Extended Licenses allow buyers to exceed 500,000 print runs and to use the files for commercial products where the image is the main promotional feature, such as postcards, posters, t-shirts, templates etc.

Optionally, you may share your works under a Creative Commons noncommercial license


PhotoBTC offers one of the highest royalty rates in the industry, 80% for every license sold! You can also come talk to us, show your work and we may come up with a better rate for you.

Files Specifications

  • Files must be uploaded in JPEG, PNG or ZIP format
  • The minimum photo resolution is 2400 x 1600 pixels (4MP)
  • Vector files must be placed in a zip archive along with a JPEG preview.
  • Files must not be larger than 30MB
  • Files must not be re-sized (upload files in their original resolution)

Legal Specifications

  • You must be the copyright owner of the image.
  • A valid model release is required for any recognizable person visible in your files
  • Images must not include logos or protected trademarks, without the authorization of the owner of the brand.
  • Images must not include buildings, goods or places protected by intellectual property rights, without the authorization of the owner.

Learn more about the Intellectual Property rules

Commercial and Artistic Specifications

  • Photos must be free from any technical problem (framing, exposure, interpolation, grain)
  • Photos must be creative and correspond to subjects buyers are looking for

Legal Rules

PhotoBTC values and respects the copyright, patents, and all intellectual property of an author.

When an image captures or depicts a recognizable copyrighted item, the author of this image must have a signed release from the owner of the copyrighted item to permitting them to use, depict or duplicate this work. If the subject of the photo is not recognizable then no release is needed. “Recognizable” means that the author and sometimes more importantly the law can precisely identify the item.

Details are important and one should try to avoid doubtful images. One might ask themselves “If I went to this place, met this person, or saw this work of art, would I recognize it/them from this image?” If you answer NO to this question then you should be safe. However if you answer 'Yes' you might need to investigate if the item is protected by privacy or copyright.

If an image displays a recognizable human then the photographer must get a model release.

But, if the model has been deceased for more than 70 years, you are protected (provided however that your image is not a copy of an existing artwork featuring the same model in the same context/position).

Remember, "Recognizable" means the model can identify himself/herself. This can be due to external factors (particular clothes or equipment, particular place...) or personal factors (tattoos, physical particularities...). That’s why it’s always safer to get a Model Release, even for a close-up of a body part. For large public crowd shots, there can be exceptions where you won’t need model releases. For this rule to apply, the more people appearing in the photo, the safer it is.

Examples of forbidden subjects

  • Albert Einstein
  • Che Guevara like on Korda's photos
  • Queen Elizabeth II (even on currency)
  • Theme parks' actors and performers (even if they are not recognizable)

Note about scans of old photos: it is possible to sell these images as long as:

  • You are the author of the photo (or the author has been deceased for more than 70 years);
  • AND, you have valid authorization for the represented models (or they have been deceased for more than 70 years).

The law also protects illustrations and cartoon characters. Authors and illustrators must give their permission each time their characters are identifiable and used for commercial purposes.

In most cases, you will not need to get a release if the author has been deceased for more than 70 years. However, some copyright laws require you to wait 120 years if the images are part of a company or "work for hire" projects.

Examples of forbidden subjects

  • Disney characters
  • Marvel characters
  • DC Comics characters
  • All comic books, manga, cartoons and video games characters

When you want to use a photo representing a recognizable building or architecture, you have to get the architect’s and/or owner’s release.

However if the artist has been deceased for longer than 70 years or if the company created it more than 120 years you will not need a release.

Important: for recognizable buildings, architecture and landmarks, you must always get authorization from the rights’ owner unless the building, the architecture or the landmark is not the main object of the image (for instance, a panoramic shot of New York can be sold without a release, even if protected buildings appear, as long as the photo is not focused on one of them).

Examples of forbidden subjects

Eiffel Tower (enlightened) - Paris - France
Arche de la Défense - Puteaux - France
Bibliothèque Nationale de France - Paris - France
Galeries Lafayette's dome - Paris - France
Viaduc de Millau - Millau - France
Le Corbusier's buildings - France
The Cadillac Ranch - Amarillo - USA (TX)
Tupperware Tower - Orlando - USA (FL)
Navy Pier - Chicago - USA (IL)
Space Needle - Seattle - USA (WA)
CN Tower - Toronto - Canada (ON)
Potsdamer Platz - Berlin - Germany
Sony Center - Berlin - Germany
London Eye Millennium wheel - London - UK
Piccadilly Circus - London - UK
Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias - Valencia - Spain

Vaux-le-vicomte castle (+ garden) - Maincy - France
Sans-Soucis castle - Potsdam - Germany
Neuschwanstein castle - Hohenschwangau - Germany
Rosslyn Chapel - Roslin - UK

Transport (vehicles, symbols and infrastructures)
Charles de Gaulle airport - Roissy-en-France - France
Parisian underground (RATP) - Ile de France - France
High Speed Train (TGV) and SNCF infrastructures - France
ICE train (Deutsche Bahn) - Germany
Londonian underground (Sign, trains and infrastructures) - London - UK
Bilbao underground - Bilbao - Spain
Spanish trains (RENFE and FEVE) - Spain

Stadiums and Operas
Stade de France - Saint-Denis - France
Mercedes-Benz Superdome - New Orleans - USA (LA)
Berlin cycling stadium and swimming arena - Berlin - Germany
Sydney Opera House - Sydney - Australia
National Stadium - Warsaw - Poland

Zoos & Aquariums
La Bambouseraie d'Anduze - Générargues - France
San Diego Zoo - USA (CA)
Atlanta Zoo - USA (GA)
Philadelphia Zoo - USA (PA)
Santa Barbara Zoo - USA (CA)
Virginia Zoo - USA (VA)
Monterey Bay Aquarium - USA (CA)
Sea World - USA (FL & CA)
Longwood Gardens - USA (PA)
Hamburg Hagenbeck Zoo - Germany
Kew Gardens - London - UK

Empire State Building - New York - USA (NY)
Newport Mansions - Newport - USA (RI)
Rockefeller Center - New York - USA (NY)
The Flatiron Building - New York - USA (NY)
The Chrysler Building - New York - USA (NY)
Biltmore - Asheville - USA (NC)
Hearst Castle - San Simeon - USA (CA)
Dartmouth College - Hanover (NH)
Sears Tower - Chicago USA (IL)
Princeton University - Princeton - USA (NJ)
Transamerica Pyramid - San Francisco - USA (CA)
Grauman's Chinese Theater - Hollywood - USA (CA)
Grand Ole Opry radio station - Nashville - USA (TN)
New York Stock Exchange - New York - USA (NY)
The Pacific Exchange - San Francisco - USA (CA)
The Mercantile Exchange - New York - USA (NY)
Chicago Board of Trade - Chicago - USA (IL)
Las Vegas hotels - Las Vegas - USA (NV)
Reichstag roof (by Norman Foster) - Berlin - Germany
Kölnturm - Cologne - Germany
The Gherkin - London - UK
British Royal Residences (Buckingham Palace, Windsor castle...) - UK
Picasso Tower - Madrid - Spain
Europa Tower - Madrid - Spain
Spanish army buildings - Spain
Spanish police buildings - Spain
Hundertwasser Houses - Vienna - Austria
Taipei 101 - Taipei City - China
Palace of Culture and Science - Warsaw - Poland

Theme Parks & Museums
Eurodisney - Marne La Vallée - France
Puy du Fou (infrastructures, actors and performers) - Les Epesses - France
Disney's Epcot Center - Orlando - USA (FL)
Disneyland - Anaheim - USA (CA)
Getty Center & Getty Museum - Los Angeles - USA (CA)
Universal Studios - Orlando - USA (FL)
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (infrastructures and performers) - USA (FL)
Busch Gardens Williamsburg (infrastructures and performers) - USA (VA)
World of Coca-Cola - Atlanta - USA (GA)
Mystic Seaport - Mystic - USA (CT)
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - Cleveland - USA (OH)
Guggenheim Museum - Bilbao - Spain

Hollywood Walk of Fame - Los Angeles - USA (CA)
The Lone Cypress tree at Pebble Beach - Monterey - USA (CA)
Hollywood Sign - Los Angeles - USA (CA)
Benifallet Cave - Tarragona - Spain

Photos representing works of art may be displayed without a release if the author has been deceased for longer than 70 years (the work was commissioned as work for hire in such case then 120 years) and only if the photo was taken in conformity with the rules of where the artwork was displayed.

In fact, these kinds of photos are generally taken in museum or galleries and the photographer has to refer to the museum rules to know if he can shoot inside and use the photos.

For street art such as graffiti, it may be very difficult to identify the author(s) but a release is still needed.

Examples of forbidden subjects

  • Buren's columns - Paris - France
  • IM Pei's Pyramid at the Louvre - Paris - France
  • Atomium - Brussels - Belgium
  • Picasso's works

A photo displaying a logo or a trademark cannot be distributed without the authorization of the owner of the brand.

Photos must be cleared so that no logo or trademarks can be identified. A number of places are known for being great advertising medium such as F1 racing circuits, subway stations, soccer matches.

In these cases, all logos and trademarks must be removed from players kits and infrastructures.

Examples of forbidden subjects

  • Beverly Hills sign
  • Las Vegas sign
  • London tube sign
  • Paris metro sign
  • Spanish army symbol
  • Red Cross (forbidden if primary subject and if there is a connection with the organization)
  • Olympic rings
  • World cup logos
  • Sports teams logos
  • Origine France Garantie label
  • HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale) trademark
  • Vichy pattern (Andros trademark)
  • Vichy pattern (Richemonts trademark)
  • Eco Emballages label
  • Vitale card
  • Marianne on French stamps (by Thierry Lamouche)

Some product designs are protected (cars, perfume bottles, toys etc).

If the product design is distinctly recognizable, photos representing it will need a release for it to be displayed and sold.

If the design product is common and if there’s no way to recognize the trademark, the photo can be used without release.

We always recommend that if in doubt, it’s better to avoid the risk and find another subject to shoot instead. Your images will not be accepted unless the related corresponding releases are submitted.

Examples of forbidden subjects

Rubik's Cube
Barbie Doll
Devil Duckies
Egg chairs (Arne Jacobsen)
LG chairs range and other Le Corbusier's products
Philippe Starck's products
Perfume bottle
Apple products
Louis Vuitton products
Dior products

Eres swimsuit
Swan boats in Boston's Public Gardens - Boston - USA (MA)
The Mississippi Delta Queen and Natchez paddle steamers - USA (LA)
Concorde plane
LTI Taxis - UK
Harley Davidson
John Deere Machinery
Formula 1 cars
Nascar cars
Indy 500 cars
Maps (underground, road etc)
Fire brigade helmet (Design created and protected by MSA Auer GmbH Berlin)

Some other subjects cannot be represented without valid authorization. Below are some examples:

  • Stamps US (only canceled stamp may be used)
  • United States currency (allowed only if one side is represented and the size must be less than three quarter or greater than one-and-one-half times the size, in linear dimension, of each part of the general item)
  • Oscar ceremony and statue (totally forbidden)
  • Creative food realized by well-known master chefs (totally forbidden)
  • Cars, boats and other vehicles with a readable license plate are not acceptable (the license plate numbers/letters must be removed)